Spunvertek is the leading solution provider for global solar and water conservancy systems, as well as the professional manufacturer of solar pumping inverters, solar pumping systems, solar water-saving irrigation systems and solar sea water desalination systems.

Food and ecology are crucial to the survival and development of human society. As the world’s population continues to increase, the crises of energy and water are becoming increasingly serious, combined with environmental pollution caused by human activities, land desertification, arable land decrease and meadowland degradation, a sustainable development mode is urgently required to promote social progress.

Spunvertek advocates the solar water conservancy industrial technology, it utilizes the solar energy as power source, consuming the generated power in real time at real place, no need for extra storage battery or grid, it has the advantage of free operation cost, saving huge investment in building water channels, and it’s easy to design and implement. The solar water conservancy industrial technology can advance the healthy development of solar industry, ensure the realization of energy saving and emission reduction. In the fields of agricultural infrastructure establishment, production increase in food, grass and meat, ecological environment improvement, desert control, borderland construction and precisely-targeted poverty alleviation, the solar water conservancy technology has comprehensive benefits and huge market applications.

Spunvertek design and Manufactures Nigeria’s first AC solar pumping system and opened up a new field of solar water-saving irrigation applications and became Nigeria’s first manufacturer of whole series of solar pumping inverters

 Spunvertek solar pumping system technology was honored Top 10 at the Startup Nigeria, Climate Launchpad and TechPoint Africa.

Spunvertek Enterprise, a high-tech enterprise which has been specializing in researching, manufacturing and trading high, medium and low voltage inverter, providing our clients with integrated system solutions. We have professional R&D and devoted management team with more than 5 years’ experience of theoretical research, product development and quality management.

Spunvertek also is one of the first indigenous independent solar water pump inverter company in Nigeria. We adopt SPWM, sensor-less vector control and torque control technology in our solar water pump inverters series, which has reached the international advanced standard.

Our Solar water pump inverter products can directly replace and be equivalent to that of Europe and the United States, Japan and other china brands, providing customers with a powerful technical support.

Spunvertek solar water pump inverters keeps following ISO9001 standard to manage and supervise quality. Our products have passed CE certification and other technical approval. To better meet customer requirements and market needs, Spunvertek keeps on upgrading new technologies and new products.

We are honored to put top priority on customers’ requirements as well as achieving

their requirements. Our products can power centrifugal pump, axial pump, mix-flow pump for deep wells, asynchronous AC motors used in submersible and surface water pumps.

Our solar water pump inverter converts the dc voltages of solar arrays connected in series-parallel to 1/3 phase pure sine wave Ac voltage from 220Vac to 240Vac and 380Vac to 650Vac at 50 and 60hz.