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We feature both retail and wholesale pricing.

Spunvertek is the best source for quality products on solar water pump inverters for rural or remote communities or agriculture. We support both tradespeople and small installers, providing advice and skills in two key business: Wholesaler and Retailer. Whether for 1 or 100 solar water pump inverter, if you are interested in our products, you’re welcome.

We organize parcel service, road cargo, sea freight, and air freight to the desired destination according to the requirements of our customers from our warehouses in Nigeria. We only work with reliable logistics partners capable of providing export worldwide, as fast as possible.

Only if the products meet our quality criteria and the components are optimally adapted to each other are they added to our sales repertoire. Our products are regularly tested visually, mechanically, and electrically. This is the best condition for a long service life for the pumps and optimal yields for the pumping systems.

With over 500 solar water pump inverter sold in more than 10 states in Nigeria, our solutions have a leading record of reliability and performance.

Our success is based upon a ruthless focus on the quality of our products and costs competitiveness.

Spunvertek Warranty Policy is provided by SPUNVERTEK LIMITED and covers defects in workmanship and materials. Spunvertek offers to our customers the following limited warranty, the Spunvertek Solar Water Pump Inverter and its components mentioned in User’s Manual shall be provided with 18 months’ warranty for normal use (man-made malfunctions excepted.) starting from the date of shipment from Spunvertek factory. In certain places where local laws have special provisions for the term of the warranty, the foregoing term shall not be applicable. This warranty offers special legal rights. You are entitled to other rights pursuant to local laws. The Buyer/Customer is responsible for certain service and maintenance expenses. Please contact Spunvertek Customer Service for further details on specific products.

The following situation is not covered by the warranty:

  • Finished goods lost or serial number manipulated;
  • Loss or damage due to force majeure or external reasons;
  • Misuse, accident, negligence, unauthorized alteration or repair;
  • overuse;
  • Violation of operation stipulations.

Within the 18 month warranty period, if the Solar water pump inverter Products is out of order in the range covered by the warranty, Spunvertek shall repair or replace the Solar water pump inverter Products in its own way. For warranty services, please contact Spunvertek Customer Service Center. The cost of delivery shall be charged by the customer.