Water Supply Solutions for rural communities

Solar-powered water supply for rural and remote areas

Solar-powered water pumping has become a smart, viable option for potable water service in rural development.

Water pumping using solar energy presents the advantages since solar energy is available in most places; its investment cost is low and it requires a low maintenance cost. It has also added advantages of storing water to be used when the sun is not shining. In Africa, by comparing installation costs (including labor), fuel costs, and maintenance by using generators, you may find that solar is an economical choice and is a suitable solution for remote and isolated regions. A solar-powered pumping system is more reliable and required less maintenance compared to the other source used in pumping.

An existing way of water pumping system uses the fuel to power generators, while this system provides power for pumping at any time. It presents the following constraints: Transportation of fuel to the location of generator sometimes is in inaccessible roads and landscape; fuel costs is also a challenging issue for this existing way of pumping and the generator requires an important regular maintenance.

Generally the system of water pumping by using the solar energy as a source of electricity to run the water pump is applicable in developing countries where the place become inaccessible (in remote areas) for supplying the electrical energy generated from different plants like hydro or thermo power plants.

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